First Paradise City trailer escapes

The first trailer of CDV%26rsquo;s RTS/RPG hybrid, Escape from Paradise City, has leaked out of the criminal underworld, depicting a pleasant utopia inhabited by normal people going about their everyday business. Paradise City does indeed look like paradise, that is of course, until the gangsters, equipped with guns, knives and a hint of the supernatural,come out to ruin the party.

As a member of this online underworld, you must work outside the law to infiltrate the numerous criminal gangs that are operating in the city. Gaining experience points from kicking ass and completing missions, which can then be used to develop your characters abilities.

We%26rsquo;ve already had a hands-on with the game and came away happy to see a project with a limited budget shaping up so well. We%26rsquo;ll have more from this dirtycriminal underworld soon. Until then, check out the rest of our gritty screenshots in the gallery.

James Jarvis
Executive Producer, GR Video

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