First next-gen gameplay described by PS4 Pro leaker

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A reported hands-on experience with next-gen hardware, describing a game in which "everything is based in reality", has appeared online from industry leaker OsirisBlack.

The NeoGaf leaker, who correctly outed the existence of the PS4 Pro in 2016, didn't specify whether he was playing on the PS5 or Xbox Series X (both of which are slated to release later this year), but claims to have tried out an upcoming next-gen title with its lead graphics engine designer.

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OsirisBlack quotes the designer as saying that "Everything in the game is PBR [Physically Based Rendering] with multiple sources of volumetric lighting. All of the characters in this game are unique. You will never see the same character model more than once." 

"I take the lead character out into a hallway and two enemies rush into the room shooting and moving in what appears to be a tactical pattern.", continues the NeoGaf post. 

"As the enemy shoots at me I take note of the deformation of the geometry on display, chunks of cement give way revealing the metal pipes underneath that hold the structure together. Everything is based in reality including what happens when you shoot people or get shot. It's beautiful but it ain't pretty."

Of course, we can't verify any of this information, but OsirisBlack has also recently suggested a sequel to The Order: 1886 could be on the way for next-gen consoles, so we'll know soon enough if he's someone to trust. Meanwhile, any news of the rumoured PS5 February reveal meeting remains completely absent, leaving us in the dark as Sony continues to pull out of several upcoming industry events due to fears over Coronavirus. 

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