The Order: 1886 sequel could be headed to PS5 and Xbox Series X, if these leaked teases are right

(Image credit: Ready At Dawn)

The next generation of consoles is looming large, and PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to need games. That means new challengers like Godfall, and it also means the return of some series that you may not have expected - like maybe The Order: 1886? And not as a PlayStation exclusive anymore?

While developer Ready At Dawn has confirmed it's working on a new AAA console game, it hasn't said anything specific about an Order sequel. A new leak from a NeoGAF poster who previously nailed most of the details for PS4 Pro several months before it was officially announced in September 2016 hints toward the possibility. OsirisBlack omitted some details to make the alleged PS5 and Xbox Series X game more difficult to identify, but they also dropped a few riddle-like teasers that pointed toward a The Order: 1886 sequel.

In short, the alleged gameplay trailer shows a man with a shoulder-mounted light device surveying a dim room, then firing on and fleeing from a yellow-eyed, many-armed creature. The monster taunts him from behind the door, "almost singing" the words "I have found you" before the game's title appears on the screen and the trailer ends. OsirisBlack says most of what they were shown was live gameplay rather than a cutscene, and specifically called at the lighting and physics as being "on another level".

There's no way to prove that this is actually a thing and not just OsirisBlack describing a dream they had the other night, or something. Their previous history with leaks helps lend this one some credence, but it's still worth taking with several grains of salt. Honestly, the most interesting part to me is that Ready At Dawn may still be trying to make The Order franchise work after the first one was so poorly received - I'm always on board for a redemption arc, especially when it involves steampunk Knights of the Round Table fighting monsters.

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