First Look - Giants Vol. 2 warns that killing monsters isn't a simple solution

Giants Vol. 2: Ghosts of Winter
Giants Vol. 2: Ghosts of Winter (Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

In 2017, artist Miguel Valderrama and writer Carlos Perez Valderrama introduced comic readers to a world of terror, trust, and titans in Giants, the Valderramas’ first American comic. Giants takes place in a kaiju-ridden, post-apocalyptic world, in which much of humanity has retreated underground. 

Now, Dark Horse Comics is set to return readers to the treacherous depths and monster-infested surface of the Valderramas' world with Giants Vol. 2: Ghosts of Winter.

Giants Vol. 2 (Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

Dark Horse describes Giants Vol. 2 as "a post-apocalyptic kaiju story like no other" that's focused on found family. Living in a world ruled by monsters isn't easy – especially when human emotions and a lack of resources directly conflict with the ability to survive as a community.

Dark Horse's official description reads, "After the loss of their leader--and father figure--the apocalyptic found family "the Forsaken" struggle to survive. When a fight among monsters forces them to move farther beyond the limits of the unknown--and with the way back blocked--they're faced with more change as they encounter a group of monster hunters. When they learn that killing monsters has unintended consequences, tensions rise, loyalties are tested, and new beasts enter the fray!"

Newsarama has a first look at the book, which you can view below. 

Giants Vol. 2: Ghosts of Winter will hit comic shelves and digital platforms everywhere as one collected trade paperback on August 22, with a cover by artist Miguel Valderrama.

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