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First Jurassic Park game screens are grainy, but at least give us some human/dino lovin'

Hold on to your butts, Telltale Games upcoming Jurassic Park title illustrates life has found a way... although the first scans taken from Game Informer do admittedly look like one big pile of shit. Now that we've shamelessly shoehorned three separate JP quotes into our first sentence, we suggest letting your eyes wander down the page to see the grainiest T. rex and Velociraptors you ever did saw. And also if you just want to see Heavy Rain's creepy-ass clown get eaten.

Can't we all get along without resorting to biting horns off? That said, put us down for 50 on the Rex.

Nice to see the film's visitor centre has been faithfully recreated, which makes sense as the game apparently takes placeimmediately after the first movie finishes.

Eh, we think that's a Raptor above, but the screen is so awful, it could well be Yoshi from Bob Hoskins' incredible Super Mario Bros movie.

And here, just like we promised you in the strap, is an image of a man sharing a tender moment with a Triceratops. D'awwwwwww.

Just in case this was all getting too much for you, stare at the image of Isla Nublar's docks above to calm your raging blood pressure down.

Kevin Boyle, the game's executive director, recently proclaimedJurassic Park would share many elements with Heavy Rain. We're just hoping and praying he meant JP will feature David Cage's disturbing floppy-footed abomination of doom getting his quasi French ass munched on by the Tyrant Lizard King.

Source: The Gaming Liberty

Jan 11, 2011