First details on Devil May Cry 4 demo

Nov 29, 2007

The first details have emerged on the pre-release demo of Devil May Cry 4... though we don't have a clue when or where it's going to hit.

The ten minute demo is a mish-mash of portions from Devil May Cry 4's story; including cut-up sections from Fortuna city as well as a bit from that icy level we've seen a thousand screenshots of.

Excitingly a boss character called Berial is also said to feature. Oh Capcom, you're spoiling us!

Speculation did kick off on the net that the DMC4 demo would be coming only to Xbox Live Marketplace in December, but Capcom has since debunked the rumor as "incorrect."

"The news you're looking for is not far off... a little more patience please," posted a Capcom spokesperson on a company forum.

So it's probably coming to box Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and news isn't far off? Let's hope we get it before Christmas.

Courtesy of CVG.