First Dead Space 2 DLC detailed

EA is getting ready to serve up the first juicy pack of downloadable content for the already-juicy Dead Space 2. The DLC will allow players to experience the Dead Space universe from the POV of a different character while continuing the DS2's story.

Severed introduces Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock, which Wii players may know as the leads in spin-off game Dead Space: Extraction. In the new DLC, Weller is in the spotlight as players follow his mission as a security guard who must fight the Necromorph to free himself as well as Lexine. Of course, as Dead Space 2 was just released, EA is only teasing us, and isn't letting anyone know yet when the DLC will be available.

It has let us know thatthe DLC is PS3 and 360 exclusive. Sorry PC gamers.

But why worry yourself with DLC so soon? Check out our review of the game and focus on the now! Live in the moment, man!

Jan 25, 2011