First DC Universe Online DLC shines bright with Green Lantern's light

You may have lost track of it during the big PSN outage, but DC Universe Online continues to be the only real MMO available on both PC and consoles. We played with it some, and if experiencing games with thousands of others/flying around with your favorite superheroes interested you, DCUO was a fine game, even if it left us wanting more comic nerd fan service. Perhaps our greatest desire with DCUO was more of Green Lantern and the multicolored ring bearers that made up is rogues gallery. Why couldn’t we join the Green Lantern Corps? At last Sony Online Entertainment has responded to those gripes by announcing the game’s first DLC, Fight for the Light.

Chief among the updates is the game’s seventh power type, Light, which allows for light constructs similar to the Green Lantern’s, something people like me were clamoring for since the first preview. Also included in the download are these new missions which the press release describes thusly:

S.T.A.R. Labs - Deep within S.T.A.R Labs, Brainiac seeks to control experimental devices that will allow him to harness the power source behind the Lantern Corps' rings. This attack throws the Lantern Corps into chaos, and players must join a fragile truce between the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps to bring the powerful devices back under S.T.A.R. Labs' control.

Coast City - Players must battle their way through the "City Without Fear" to Ferris Aircraft, the home of fighter ace Hal Jordan. Here they face the unbridled rage of the Red Lantern Corps in a showdown to save the city and the Universe.

Sciencells Prison - On the Green Lantern Corps' home planet Oa, heroes will join with Guy Gardner to stop a prison break that threatens to release the most feared prisoners of the Green Lantern Corps. Villains will fight alongside Sinestro as he attempts to release the Green Lantern Corps' greatest foes and retrieve the evil Lyssa Drak from her emerald powered prison cell.”

Above: Hal vs Sinestro, a battle that's raged for 50 years

Above: We spot Arkillo, Sinestro's right-hand man, on the right

Above: Red Lantern leader Atrocitus burns with rage

Above: Guy Gardner in DCUO (it's about time!)

All these sound perfect for GL fans. You get to battle with Red Lantern leader Atrocitus at Coast City’s Ferris Aircraft, team up with Green and Yellow Lanterns against Brainiac, and fight on Oa in the Green Lantern’s Sciencell jail where you team with Sinestro or Guy freaking Gardener. If any of those words mean anything to you and have DCUO ready to go, you should look forward to the $9.99 expansion coming sometime this summer. We bet there’ll be a more concrete release date in a couple weeks during Comic-Con.

Jul 11, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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