First Dawn of War II screens released

Screenshotsfor the highly anticipated sequel to the Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War series have been released and we can%26rsquo;t wait to see more. So far, only the Orkz and Space Marine factions are featured but no matter how hard we look, we can%26rsquo;t seem to spot any new units or signs of fresh features.

What we can say is that the game looks great. Check out the smoke trails from the Assault Space Marines%26rsquo; jump packs and the sharp shadows cast on the Space Marine squad taking cover behind the wreckage of a tank in the screen below.

But even though we%26rsquo;re excited to see these shiny new screens of Space Marines fighting Orkz, the new images leave many questions unanswered. Will the much asked for Tyranids finally be included as a playable faction? Will the epic siege engines from the tabletop game that stood several stories high be available as an endgame unit?

We want to know and we%26rsquo;re going to find out dammit. In the meantime,click hereto see the rest of the latest images from Dawn of War II and be sure to head to theofficial sitefor a video teaser.

Apr 4, 2008