First Bulletstorm DLC pack announced

Bulletstorm is now on shelves in the US, and if you haven't read our review, then consider this sentence the equivalent of Christian Bale dancing up and down your street singing, "Read all about it! The brick-shittingest new IP of 2011 reviewed!"

But not content with today's mere outpouring of critical praise, EA, Epic and People Can Fly have stolen a few more headlines by announcing the first paid DLC for the game, called the 'Gun Sonata pack.' The add-on will contain three new maps for Anarchy mode, and two for Echo mode. It'll release this spring for 800 Microsoft points on XBL and $9.99 on PSN.

"From the wretched Sewers of Stygia to the dilapidated ruins of Hotel Elysium and the open spaces of Villa, the Gun Sonata Anarchy maps provide even more settings for players to work together in order to pull off fantastic team skillshots," said EA.

On the Echo mode side of things, the pack will include Crash Site, "where Final Echo soldiers must deal with the ramifications of their crashed ship," and Guns of Stygia, "in which a captive commando escapes from an enemy prison."

There's no word yet on a PC release for the DLC.

Feb 22, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer