First big Call of Duty: Black Ops reveal coming this month

Call of Duty: Black Ops then.Looks exciting (opens in new tab), does it not? Shame that we know bugger all about it, officially. But all that is about to change very shortly. This very month in fact.

Our sister magazines, Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine (UK versions) have been over to developer Treyarch, and have scored the exclusive big reveals on the new Cold War CoD. New gameplay, new locations, new story details, apparently they've got the whole lot, but unfortunately we haven't been able to get a damn thing out of them. Not even with the promise of cake and fine wines.

We have our own theories on Black Ops of course. Tyler didthis (opens in new tab)extensive trailer breakdown when said string of promotional moving images was released, and George has been looking up Vietnam on Wikipedia for details on weapons and battle tactics (Current theory is Call of Duty: Child Soldier Edition. Check out thelast UK podcast (opens in new tab)for more details). But it looks like we'll have to wait for OPM and OXM's reports before we can confirm or deny any of this.

When will that happen? The mags are out on the 17th and 14th of May, respectively. In the meantime, we'll be buying more baking ingredients.