Firewatch isn't in development for Xbox One - but it could be if enough people want it

You may have noticed that everyone is talking about Firewatch all of a sudden but, if you're a committed Xbox fan it won't have mattered - the game's only coming to PS4 and PC when it's released next week. But that doesn't mean it won't ever come to your particular machine.

In an interview with Red Bull, developer Campo Santo's co-founder, Sean Vanaman confirmed that the game was not currently being ported to any other consoles, but chewed over the possibility of the mysterious adventure game popping up elsewhere down the line: “We’ll see how the game does at launch and if there’s a desire for it on other platforms then we’ll explore that.”

Basically, if you really want to play Firewatch on your Xbox One, or anywhere else for that matter, you could start by politely letting the developers know. You might just get your wish.

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