Fire Pro Wrestling R - hands-on

The rest of the game is all about customization, from editing existing wrestlers (bearing the likeness of past/present stars from Japan and America), to creating your own league, designing your own belt or crafting up to 500 of your own musclemen. That puts the total possible grapplers at your disposal at 827, the most for any wrestling game ever. Want to make your own referee with a fast count? Go ahead. Want to re-create the glory days of the nWo? Construct your own faction.

Add to this some truly wild modes like Electrified Barbed Wire Ropes Exploding Deathmatch, Barbed Wire/Flourescent Tubes Landmine Deathmatch, K-1 kickboxing and Ultimate Fighting within an octagonal cage and you have one of the most packed wrestling titles to date. Fire Pro Wrestling R powerslams your PS2 this November. Watch this space for a full review.