Fire Pro Wrestling R - hands-on

Before you start, think of your moves like this: Square is weak, X is medium and Circle is strong. This holds true for everything from strikes to submissions to your heavy grapple moves. When you start, you'll find that pulling off a strike is actually pretty difficult. That's because where you stand and maneuver your wrestler is actually taken into account. So, make sure you're close to your opponent before you start throwing those haymakers.

To initiate a grapple, just walk into your opponent and you'll instantly lock up. Now, this is the meat and potatoes of Fire Pro. From here, you can initiate any grapple from weak to strong. Press any direction and Square and you'll pull off one of a few weak grapples, such as an arm drag. Any direction and X will result in a medium grapple, like an atomic drop and any direction plus Circle will bring out the heavy moves like powerbombs. Now remember not to be foolish and try for the strong grapples early in the match, or just about everything will be reversed. In fact, timing and reversals are keys to success in Fire Pro. Button-mashing, especially in grapple situations - will always result in an automatic failure as you watch your opponent toss your worthless ass from pillar to post.