Fire Emblem Heroes brings the tactical RPG series to Android on February 2

Nintendo's expansion into the world of smartphones isn't stopping at Pokemon and Super Mario. On February 2, Fire Emblem will arrive on Android devices in the form of Fire Emblem Heroes, a small-scale take on the tactical RPG series.

There are, as you might expect, some changes made to make the game fit its platform. You'll play as a summoner, bringing heroes of previous games into your army with the use of orbs. Orbs can be earned via gameplay or purchasing them with real-world money. Each hero comes with their own stats, though multiple versions of the same hero can be stronger or weaker compared to one another.

Once you're in battle, things play out much as they have in previous games. You'll still select your unit and move them around a tile map, positioning them and utilizing their strengths to destroy foes. Maps are 8x6 grids, meant to fit on smartphones. You'll need to defeat every enemy to claim victory, and special hero battles will let you fight powerful characters in order to recruit them to your team.

Skip to 8:35 to see the introduction cutscene and a walkthrough from the Jan 18 Nintendo Direct presentation:

Lastly, a "Choose Your Legends" event will let fans vote for their favorite characters, with the winners appearing in Heroes with special outfits to commemorate the occasion. If you've got a My Nintendo account, you can also link it when you vote to receive 200 Platinum points, which can be used to receive special gifts and discounts. The event is going on now, so definitely get to voting.

As for all you iOS users out there, fret not: Heroes is also coming to iPhone and iPad, at an undetermined point in the future.

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