Fire Emblem Fates will get weekly DLC starting February 19

Ah, I see you've been diagnosed with "Fire Emblemitis," a serious condition characterized by intense longing for anything and everything Fire Emblem. Fear not. Come February 19, you'll be able to purchase the new Fire Emblem Fates games and keep yourself sated with weekly doses of DLC. A total of 13 pieces of DLC will be released, one each week, until April 21.

While most of these additions will be maps on which to lead your armies in strategic RPG tactical battle, there also appears to be an extra-difficult battle royale to overcome and a new party member to recruit. The most important DLC of all, however, might be Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation. As we previously explained, there are two retail versions of Fire Emblem Fates - and if you're wondering which one to get, you should definitely click that link.

Each version tells the story from a different point of view, with Revelation offering yet another perspective. Unlike its full-priced, storebound brethren however, Revelation is a download-only add-on that will sell for $20.

I've listed the planned DLC packs below in order of release, along with a short description from the official site:

February 19: Before Awakening. Beyond the gate to another world lies the Halidom of Ylisse.
February 25: Boo Camp. It is said that there is another world where one can get plenty of experience…
February 25: Beach Brawl. And the winner of the royal families' battle over a ticket to paradise is…
March 3: Ghostly Gold. It is said that there is another world where one can get plenty of gold…
March 3: Museum Melee. It is said that there is a world where one can get many new weapons…
March 10: Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation.
March 17: Royal Royale. A battle to determine the strongest royal. And the last one standing is...
March 24: Hidden Truths 1 and 2. The secret prologue to the world of Fates. 2 map set.
March 31: Vanguard Dawn. A trial ground using the stage Elincia's Gambit from Radiant Dawn.
April 7: Anna on the Run. Anna is cornered by thieves! What will her fate be…?
April 14: Ballistician Blitz. A trial ground using the stage The Wooden Cavalry from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.
April 14: A Gift from Anna. If you select "A Gift from Anna" from the "Play DLC" section of the Dragon's Gate after downloading, you may select and receive either the Sighting Lens OR the Witch's Mark. Only playable once.
April 21: Witches' Trial. A trial ground using the stage Fear Mountain from Fire Emblem Gaiden.

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