Find out how Fallout 76 settlements and crafting work with this gory cartoon

Fallout 76 wants to talk to you about building bases and guns, and it has the perfect medium to convey this information: vintage-but-way-more-violent looking educational cartoons. The latest entry in the "You Will Emerge" animated series focuses on how you'll rebuild your own little slice of post-nuclear West Virginia, from laying down the foundation to defending your home with personally-crafted weapons. Also, there's a lot of blood and gore, because Fallout has been super into that ever since it made the "Bloody Mess" perk a real thing you could unlock.

The topics are mostly stuff that Bethesda already addressed for the game, though it does confirm a few key details: you'll be able to relocate your camp with ease (unlike Fallout 4, which limited you to set, separate locations for building), forage for materials, and trade with other players. Just watch out that the other players don't immediately turn around, murder you, and take your junk.

Bethesda has previously put out two other animated explainer videos for Fallout 76. The first one addresses the new card-collecting Perk system and character creation.

And the second should give you some ideas for what kind of shenanigans you can get up to with friends, enemies, and perhaps even frenemies.

If you want a more in-depth analysis of how Fallout 76 will likely work, minus the cartoon antics, check out how Fallout 76 isn't traditional Fallout but it isn't leaving the past behind either. 

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