Final Monster Hunter World update will add the famed dragon Fatalis this October

The fifth and final free title update for Monster Hunter World is coming October 1, and it's bringing Fatalis. 

Capcom revealed the update in its latest developer diary, and Fatalis itself got its own trailer. We're dealing with Black Fatalis, for the record. The White and Red variants were added later in the series, but Capcom is going old-school this time. If Fatalis is anything like it was in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the hunters of the new world are in for a hell of a fight. Fatalis is much larger than the likes of Alatreon, and more agile than Safi'Jiiva, plus Capcom is keeping its updated move set under wraps. One thing's for sure: this is gonna hurt. 

Fortunately, the pain will be worth it. Fatalis gear has always been strong and stylish, and based on the switch axe and bow shown in the new dev diary, it's been faithfully recreated for World. Capcom also teased a powerful armor set bonus that will seemingly enhance all skills (not unlike the set bonus for the final boss armor in Monster Hunter Generations). And just look at this Palico armor:

(Image credit: Capcom)

Additionally, the update will introduce the arch-tempered version of Iceborne's flagship Elder Dragon, Velkhana, which is a fitting sendoff. There's a big batch of quality of life changes in the update as well. Here are the highlights:

  • A new skill, Clutch Claw Boost, makes tenderizing monster parts easier
  • Tenderized monster parts stay tenderized longer
  • Feystones will drop more commonly and have a higher chance of becoming high rarity decorations
  • Elementless, Guard Up, Razor Sharp, Dragonseal, Bow Charge Plus, and Mind's Eye decorations can now be melded 
  • All Master Rank armor will be available as layered armor
  • The charms for Earplugs, Critical Eye, Weakness Exploit, Handicraft, and Critical Boost will have higher tiers 
  • New guild cards, pendants, and room cosmetics will be available 

After the unprecedented success of World and Iceborne, Capcom is undoubtedly interested in continuing Monster Hunter on other platforms. Perhaps we'll see a Switch announcement to follow Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, or even a next-gen installment with PS5 and Xbox Series X fast approaching. The PC success of World should also ensure that the platform isn't left out of future releases. In any case, if World was your first Monster Hunter, you've got plenty to look forward to. 

The Monster Hunter movie is now scheduled for 2021. 

Austin Wood

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