Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide, Day 2

Brand new, advanced jobs

Included with the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI is the brand-new expansion pack The Treasures of Aht Urghan. If you're playing on PS2 or PC, you can pick it up separately. Break out that checkbook! Treasures adds three new jobs to the game, all of which are much more elaborate than the older ones.

Blue Mage (BLU)
Roles: Magic Damage, Physical Damage

As in previous Final Fantasy games, Blue Mages learn spells from the monsters they defeat. While they can't equip every spell they learn at once -holding a robust 20 at maximum level - they are exceedingly flexible, able to cast spells and use swords effectively. While scouring the world for new spells is likely to be a time-consuming process, Blue Mage promises to be one of the most involved and satisfying of the new jobs for hardcore players.

Corsair (COR)
Roles: Support, Weakening, Magic Damage

Corsairs are ... well, they're pirates. These gamblers use guns and games of chance to support the party. Their support abilities are almost entirely random and play out a little like blackjack, with even the chance to "Bust" and take a penalty, so be careful when doubling down. Their "Card Shot" ability allows them to deal elemental damage, as well as reinforce existing status effects on monsters. With a curved blade in one hand and a Hexagun in the other, they can attack from the front or the back row.

Puppetmaster (PUP)
Role: Unknown

The Puppermaster is something of a confusing class - at least, right now its abilities are still wrapped in mystery. The Puppetmaster is always followed by an "Automaton," a customizable, mechanical puppet. The Automaton has its own equipment screen, in which the player can switch different heads, bodies and accessories in and out. These spare parts confer different abilities on your pet puppet, who will loyally follow you into all battles and cast spells on your foes.

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