Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide, Day 2

Basic jobs

When you start out, you'll only be able to select from one of these six jobs. NES fans will be amused to note that these are the same jobs available in the original Final Fantasy, circa 1990.

Warrior (WAR)
Role: Physical Damage, Tank
Best Weapons: Axe, Great Axe
Recommended Support Jobs: Thief, Ninja, Monk

The Warrior is a stout fighter, and a master of many weapons. Warriors will be given a sword at the start of the game. You should ditch it and purchase a One-handed Axe and Great Axe ASAP. The Warrior's "Provoke" ability, which draws the attention of monsters away from mages and other weaker jobs, and makes it a great job for watching your party's backs. While strangely unpopular when the game first hit, people have since wised up - and made Warrior the most popular damage class today.

Monk (MNK)
Role: Physical Damage
Best Weapons: Hand-to-hand
Recommended Support Jobs: Warrior, Thief

Skilled martial artists, Monks let their fists do the talking and, later, their feet too. Monk seems to be the simplest job. All you do is boost your attack power, engage enemies and perform devastating Weapon Skills, but they are one of the most powerful damage dealers in the game. Later in the game, Monks can attack from a distance with powerful balls of Chi released from their hands, Dragon Ball Z style.

Thief (THF)
Physical Damage, Enmity Control
Best Weapons: Dagger, Sword, Crossbow
Recommended Support Jobs: Ninja, Warrior, Ranger

Thief is a highly technical job. Not everybody gets it. The problem is that Thieves don't come into their own until level 15, when they learn their signature Sneak Attack and Treasure Hunter abilities. Then, they can be powerful in the right hands. At level 30 they can "Trick" monsters into attacking other players while dealing huge damage, making them handy for most battles - that's "Enmity Control." Of course, Thieves can steal items from enemies, and their Treasure Hunter ability makes items appear more often. If you pick this job, you'll be rolling in the dough.