Final Fantasy: New converts to handhelds

Here are the first screenshots of Final Fantasy I and II Advance. The two original Famicom RPG titles have been converted for your handheld GBA pleasure and have new material, to boot.

There have been gameplay and graphical tweaks to both games but the two main new features are a dungeon called Soul of Chaos in FFI and the Soul of Rebirth story update in FFII. Final Fantasy games were class from their inception so these conversions are a welcome addition from the legendary series.

In related small-screen gaming news, rumours suggest that Sony and Square Enix have struck a deal for two PSP Final Fantasy titles. While unconfirmed, it wouldn't be exactly surprising, especially as the series' flagship titles have been on Sony machines ever since the classic Final Fantasy VII for PSone.

Those preparing to stick their neck out have commented that one of the games will be a totally new FF that will link up with FFXII - the eagerly anticipated major PS2 release. The other reported game is a PSone remake. As to which one that could be is anybody's guess although we'd love to see a handheld version of FFVII.

Final Fantasy I and II are released for GBA in Japan in July