Final Fantasy music - Orchestrating Theatrhythm

When Square Enix held a poll for registered members to determine what kind of music was going to be featured in Theatrhythm, it was clear that the majority of fans (or at least the ones who voted), still favored Final Fantasy VII.

“If we followed that, [the game] would be Theatrhythm Final Fantasy VII. We had to give equal treatment,” said producer Ichiro Hazama, who has extremely fond memories of the music when he played through the series, which then led him to create Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

“Final Fantasy is a story-based RPG with really in-depth stories,” he said, when asked why he decided to create this music-based rhythm game. “Whenever I play Final Fantasy titles, I look at the scene and remember the music. Whenever I look back, I remember the music. If that happens to me, maybe many players have those kinds of fond memories of the music.”

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is the first 3DS game to include downloadable content, and even though the game comes with more than 70 songs, there’s a massive library to pull from that could warrant a full-blown sequel. When asked whether a sequel could happen, Hazama replied with, "If you ask if I want to make it, [the answer is] yes. There is no official plan. If the customer wants it, of course we would make it! I wish that would happen."

Now that the series is up to Final Fantasy XIV, we decided to take a look back on the series and pick out a few of our favorite melodies and compile them in a sample here. Can you name them all? Share your favorite tracks in the comments below!

Final Fantasy Medley


If you could create your own themed Theatrhythm, which Final Fantasy would you choose?

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