Final Fantasy III - updated hands-on

An online mode (Mognet, for those familiar with FFIX) will give you access to other players and their Wi-Fi mailboxes. We're not sure how many people will really take the time to send messages this way, but there's a hidden boss and job class to get out of the deal, so start stalking internet hotspots now.

Even though there are tons of little nitpicky things to whine about, the allure of this classic remake is hard to ignore. If you were into the series when it premiered (or still manage to pull out genuine fun from the first Fantasy), here's a huge new RPG to plow through. We're chomping away at it right now and, tedious level-grinding aside, it's everything you'd expect from an old friend with a hot new look - compromising nostalgia and an updated perspective on why they're so close to you in the first place.

Brett Elston

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