Final Fantasy father Hironobu Sakaguchi has a "new project" in the works

(Image credit: Mistwalker)

Final Fantasy's Hironobu Sakaguchi has officially started work on his next project.

Earlier today, November 7, Sakaguchi took to Twitter to reveal that he visited Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture, Japan, to thank the shrine at the start of his "new project." Sakaguchi also visited the Shinto Shrine to ask for good health during his next physical check up.

This isn't the first time Sakaguchi has publicly mentioned work on a new game. Back in December 2022, the Final Fantasy series creator revealed to Famitsu that he was planning work on a "dark fantasy game," although he didn't delve into other specifics at the time, such as how far along the game was in development.

Sakaguchi's new comments make it sound as though the game has only just started development, though. Considering we're almost a year out from the veteran's comments on the "dark fantasy game," it would be a little odd if work on the project had only just officially started.

This new game, whatever it turns out to be, could also be Sakaguchi's last. The Mistwalker studio lead said back in 2021, just removed from Fantasian launching its first instalment via Apple Arcade, that he could well retire after his next game. That should leave him with plenty of time to play Final Fantasy 14 without being told off by his co-workers, and even more time to troll Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida

It's not all bad for Yoshi-P - Sakaguchi moved him to tears by thanking the Final Fantasy 14 director for "making Final Fantasy even better."

Hirun Cryer

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