Final Fantasy: All the Bravest landing tomorrow

If you're an old-school Final Fantasy fan who misses watching little white bars fill up as sweeping MIDI battle anthems play, Square Enix has an iOS app for that. The much-rumored Final Fantasy: All The Bravest went live on the New Zealand app store today, with screenshots and descriptions of a simplified, combat-heavy quest with classic characters, foes, and music alike.

Players make their way from one Active Time Battle to the next, tapping up to ten (and possibly more) party members to queue offensive action against behemoths, cactuars, and "fiendish Final Fantasy bosses." More than twenty series-staple jobs including warrior, black mage, and dragoon can be unlocked to aid in the fight.

Tera, Cloud, and 33 other main characters from across the Final Fantasy timelines can also be enlisted for a price, on top of the NZ $4.19 (about $3.50) app purchase. Buyers can't always be choosers, either--new characters will unlock capsule-toy style. Extra game stages are also available as in-app purchases.

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest will even reward you for blabbing about the game through in-app Facebook and Twitter integration, hooking you up with extra party member slots in return.

While New Zealanders can already FIGHT and MAGIC to victory, less chronologically advanced regions of the world will just have to wait until their little white bars fill up tomorrow.

Connor Sheridan

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