Final Fantasy 7 Remake short videos show off special DLC Summons in combat

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Three different Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC summons will be available to those who pre-order a copy of the game or purchase one of the deluxe editions. 

The three summons include a Chocobo Chick included as a pre-order bonus for any version of the game, a Carbuncle summon for those who purchase the digital deluxe or 1st class editions, and finally a Cactuar summon for purchasing any deluxe edition. 

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Square Enix revealed details about how the the summons work and some of the ones featured in a recent blog post, with the first images unveiling the Chocobo with a super Saiyan-like hairdo and the oddly-proportioned Carbuncle. Three little promotional trailers have been posted on the official Twitter account for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, showing off the different summons joining Cloud in battle. 

The videos give us a brief glimpse at the unique moves of the three different summons, with the Cactuar shooting out a barrage of spikes, while Carbuncle appears to cover cloud with a protective shield and increase his stats, and the Chocobo delivers a mighty blow. 

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In the original game, Summons Materia could be used to deliver a special attack move against an enemy to help you deal some additional damage, increase the stats of your weapons, or give you some extra protection in combat, and the summons appear to work in much the same way this time around. 

The Summons are essentially different allies who will join you in battle for a limited time. Once your special summon gauge fills up, the ally will appear and fight against enemies independently, before delivering a powerful attack they execute just before they leave the battlefield. 

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