Some Final Fantasy 7 remake pre-orders through Amazon are being delayed due to new policy

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If you pre-ordered the Final Fantasy 7 remake through Amazon, you might want to check on your order's shipping status. A new policy at the online retail giant says essential orders like household and medical supplies are being prioritized over non-essentials, like video games.

"We are seeing increased online shopping, and as a result some products such as household staples and medical supplies are out of stock," reads an email from Amazon (via Business Insider). "With this in mind, we are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers."

A number of Twitter users expecting their pre-orders to arrive near the current April 10 release date noticed their orders reflected a "new estimated delivery date" which was "not yet available." Emails were also sent out notifying that the Final Fantasy 7 remake's release date had "changed," without providing a new date. Notably, the issue seems to be affecting Final Fantasy 7 remake deluxe edition pre-orders more than standard edition pre-orders.

The new policy at Amazon was enacted in response to supply shortages of essentials, as the coronavirus pandemic has consumers spending more time at home and online shopping for supplies. Video game release dates have so far been fairly resilient to the spread of coronavirus, and CD Projekt Red says they don't expect Cyberpunk 2077 to be delayed any further. However, movie and TV release dates have not fared as well, with the Black Widow movie being the most recent high-profile project to be put on hold.

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