Final Fantasy 16 hides a macabre easter egg dedicated to a beloved FF9 character

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 hides a pretty great/disturbing reference to Final Fantasy 9's most beloved character.

That would be the troubled Black Mage Vivi, of course. It turns out that in the early hours of Final Fantasy 16's main story, you can stumble upon a scarecrow in an open field full of corn, which appears to have a striking resemblance to our old friend Vivi from many moons ago.

Look who I found from r/FFXVI

Vivi is apparently dead. Like, really really dead. You've honestly got to wonder where Final Fantasy 16's in-game characters got the inspiration to put up a scarecrow that looks suspiciously like Vivi from. Does the little Black Mage actually exist in Valisthea? Is he used to scare people, hence his use as a scarecrow?

"Vivi died for our sins" writes one Reddit user that can't help but see the resemblance between Vivi and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. "Made me smile when I found this" adds another user. Strange that a dead fan-favorite would make you smile, but there it is.

A bunch of other users are chiming in with some all-time Vivi quotes, the kind that naturally get our tear glands a little moist. While this could admittedly be a reference to the older Black Mage designs of Final Fantasy games in years past, it's only natural that everyone's associating this imagery with Vivi.

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