Final Fantasy 15's getting a CG prequel movie called Kingsglaive

Square is revving up the movie machine again with Kingsglaive, a full CG film based on the upcoming Final Fantasy 15. It'll apparently set up events before the game, and features a pretty strong cast of vocal talent.

That cast includes Sean Bean as King Regis (so dead before the first act ends then, then), Lena Headey as Princess Luna and Aaron Paul as a soldier called Nyx. The Kingsglaive themselves are the King's army, battling the evil empire of Niflheim to protect a Crystal. The plot of the film sees Prince Noctis (star of the game) captured by Niflheim and Aaron Paul's Nyx fighting for the very survival of the kingdom. Cue lots of very serious faces and inexplicable magic attacks.

Check out the trailer:

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