Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is a mobile remake of FF15, starring chibi Noctis and the boys

Were you curious about the plot to Final Fantasy 15 but just didn't have the time, the love of RPGs, or the PS4 / Xbox One to carry you through? Or maybe you did play through the infamously long-in-development game but would like another go at it? If either of those descriptions fits, Square Enix's Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is aimed squarely at you.

Featuring a new art style and touch-based controls, Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is a retelling of FF15 for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. It won't be quite as expansive as the main version of the game of course, and only features the main cast and story - no side quests or a bunch of other features here. The story will be told episodically, with all 10 episodes available when the game launches later this year. No price was given, but the first episode will be free.

You know, I'm trying to think of the last time this happened with any game, let alone such a high-profile, big (correction: massive) budget title, and I'm coming up blank. Sure there have been ports before, but a remake being released while the game it's based on continues to receive updates? That's new. Square Enix is venturing into relatively uncharted territory with this, and I'm curious to see how it turns out. Plus, characters like Cindy and Prompto are extra cute now and that's fine by me. 

Sam Prell

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