Final Fantasy 14 players are disappointed by this seemingly-excellent outfit

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 has added the outfit of a mega-popular character, but the addition has been met with disappointment from players.

Earlier today on January 17, Square Enix finally made Gaia's outfit available to purchase on the Lodestone, letting players dress up as the popular (girl)friend of Ryne. Players can now don the outfit of the goth girl from the Eden Raid series, provided they're willing to shell out the cash for the garb.

However, players quickly realized there's major compromises to Gaia's outfit. As the tweet below outlines, for example, Gaia's outfit actually comes as one clothing outfit, meaning you either have to wear the whole outfit, or none of it at all. Swapping out parts of the outfit for other pieces simply isn't an option.

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Additionally, players realized you also can't dye Gaia's outfit in Final Fantasy 14. The user just below actually recommends players get their hands on Gaia's outfit from the Savage-tier Eden Raid series, and as a commenter points out, the dyable version comes from the final three fights in the Savage Raid series.

If you do want to mix and match your Gaia gear though, progressing through the Savage-tier Eden Raids is unfortunately the only way to go. Not only are the Raids difficult though - it's damn hard to find a team to play the Savage-tier difficulty setting with on any Raid series, let alone on that came out years ago. 

For any chance of changes to Gaia's outfit, we'll have to keep an eye on Final Fantasy 14's official channels for more.

Final Fantasy 14's level cap will officially hit level 100 with the next major expansion, but Square Enix hasn't settled on what comes after that. 

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