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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn mounts guide

Exploring Eorzea

The world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is quite large, and making your way across Eorzea can be very time consuming. Fortunately, you can unlock mounts which will allow you travel with speed and style. Follow along to learn how you can unlock these handy, speedy creatures.

Magitek Armor

Complete the main storyline to unlock this mount. After completing The Ultimate Weapon quest, you'll receive an Armor Identification Key. Use this to activate an armor suit that can be used at your leisure.


The Unicorn mount is available to all classes, but it must be unlocked with a Conjurer. Step one, get that Conjurer to level 30 - this includes all available quests from the Conjurer's Guild. Once you've done so, a new quest titled Unicorn Power will be available at the guild. Complete it, and the one-horned beast is yours to ride.


The Ahriman is unlocked by enrolling in Final Fantasy XIV's Veteran Rewards Program. This program is designed for transferring characters between server worlds, but it comes with rewards too. After 90 days of enrollment, program members will receive this mount as a reward.


The Coeurl mount is included with the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition. This version may still be purchased online and at some retailers, so you haven't missed this opportunity quite yet.

Company Chocobo

Upon reaching level 20, you'll be asked to join a Grand Company - either the Immortal Flames, Order of the Twin Adder, or Maelstrom. Join any of the three, and you'll be tasked with purchasing a Chocobo for 2,000 seals. Do so to obtain the game's most common mount.

Legacy Chocobo

Of all mounts, there are two that are unfortunately no longer available; this is one of them. The Legacy Chocobo was given to those who played the initial version of Final Fantasy XIV. Players who stuck around until the launch of A Realm Reborn received this mount as a "thank you" of sorts.


The window on unlocking this one has unfortunately closed as well. The Goobbue creature could be used as a mount only during the initial Final Fantasy XIV launch. Players who stuck around until the launch of A Realm Reborn received this alongside the Legacy Chocobo.

Where are you headed?

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