Final Destination 4 is planned

Now that Lord Of The Rings is long over and with no sign of The Hobbit on the horizon (even though the frosty relations between the studio and Peter Jackson have slightly warmed of late), it’s only natural that New Line would cling to (and squeeze every last drop from) one of its few cash cow franchises.

Which goes a long way to explaining why the studio has signed Final Destination 2 director David R Ellis (the man who most recently wrangled Snakes On A Plane) to develop a fourth entry for the series.

And to add an extra wrinkle, this new film will stand alone from the rest of the franchise, though apparently it will retain the main premise of death hunting down those who manage to cheat it in a variety of gruesome and inventive ways. Oh, and it’ll be shot in 3D, so be ready for lots of objects flying at the camera.

Eric Bess – who also penned FD 2 – has written the script, but there’s no set start date yet.