The complete FIFA 23 chemistry styles list explained

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The FIFA 23 chemistry styles list provides you with a sneaky means of getting an advantage in Division Rivals or the weekend league. It covers a selection of FIFA 23 cards which enhance player attributes in very specific ways. You can make a striker stronger, a full-back faster, a midfielder more powerful – or switch those boosts up to your liking. We explain which stats each card type affects in your FIFA 23 chemistry styles guide.

What are FIFA 23 chemistry styles?


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FIFA 23 features 22 different chemistry styles cards, all of which can be found in packs and purchased off the transfer market. Also available are GK Basic and Basic, which effectively reset an individual's stats to the default ones on his card. 

Each chemistry style buffs either two or three main attributes, as outlined by the third and fourth columns in the tables below. Hunter and Shadow are the hardest to come by (and therefore most expensive on the transfer market) given that both award a considerable pace boost. 

If you're looking for the best players to deploy them on, then hit GR's FIFA 23 ratings guide. 

These are all of the FIFA 23 chemistry styles in the game, and the maximum possible buff when applied to a player on full 'chem'.

FIFA 23 chemistry styles: Goalkeeper

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WallWALDiving, Handling, KickingDIV: 2, HAN: 2, KIC: 2
ShieldSLDKicking, Reflexes, SpeedKIC: 2, REF: 2, SPD: 2
CatCATReflexes, Speed, PositioningREF: 2, SPD: 2, POS: 2
GloveGLODiving, Handling, PositioningDIV: 2, HAN: 2, POS: 2

FIFA 23 chemistry styles: Defence

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SentinelSENDefending, PhysicalDEF: 3, PHY: 3
GuardianGRDDribbling, DefendingDRI: 3, DEF: 3
GladiatorGLAShooting, DefendingSHO: 3, DEF: 3
BackboneBACPassing, Defending, PhysicalPAS: 2, DEF: 2, PHY: 2
AnchorANCPace, Defending, PhysicalPAC: 2, DEF: 2, PHY: 2
ShadowSHAPace, DefendingPAC: 3, DEF: 3

FIFA 23 chemistry styles: Midfield

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ArtistARTPassing, DribblingPAS: 3, DRI: 3
ArchitectARCPassing, PhysicalPAS: 3, PHY: 3
PowerhousePWRPassing, DefendingPAS: 3, DEF: 3
MaestroMAEShooting, Passing, DribblingSHO: 2, PAS: 2, DRI: 2
EngineENGPace, Passing, DribblingPAC: 2, PAS: 2, DRI: 2
CatalystCTAPace, PassingPAC: 3, PAS: 3

FIFA 23 chemistry styles: Attack

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SniperSNIShooting, DribblingSHO: 3, DRI: 3
DeadeyeEYEShooting, PassingSHO: 3, PAS: 3
HawkHWKPace, Shooting, PhysicalPAC: 2, SHO: 2, PHY: 2
MarksmanMRKShooting, Dribbling, PhysicalSHO: 2, DRI: 2, PHY: 2
FinisherFINShooting, PhysicalSHO: 3, PHY: 3
HunterHUNPace, ShootingPAC: 3, SHO: 3
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