FIFA 14 on Vita is virtually identical to FIFA 13

FIFA 14 will be coming to Vita, but it's happening in name and rosters only. As with FIFA 13, the game uses the same gameplay as the previous year's instalment, meaning FIFA 14 on Vita is still essentially a ported version of FIFA 11 on Xbox 360/PS3. Despite this, it appears as though EA is planning to release the game as a boxed version (clearly marked 'Legacy Edition') for full price.

When Eurogamer asked EA Sports' David Rutter about the game at Gamescom and whether its price would be reduced due to the extremely slight update, he said: "I have nothing to do with the prices, but I'll be clear. It's the same great gameplay. And obviously with any new kits."

However, a quick look at retail sites like GAME suggests the game will indeed retail at full release RRP:

At least PlayStation Vita owners who are also planning to buy a PS4 shouldn't feel too hard done by. If you buy a PS4 and a copy of FIFA 14 on that, you can play full-fat home console FIFA 14 on your Vita via Remote Play. And that should be something worth writing home about.

Justin Towell

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