FIFA 10's My Live Season 2.0 explained

You're still busy playing your mates online every chance you get and struggling to pull yourself away from manager mode for important life events - food, showers, the birth of your first child ("I'm sure the contractions are uncomfortable, darling, but I'm this close to signing Xabi Alonso!") So why, with an almost endless amount of gameplay out of the box, would you need to add My Live Season 2.0 to FIFA 10?

Allow us to explain - My Live Season is a real-time stat tracking mode (downloaded from Xbox Live or PlayStation Network) that updates FIFA 10 with information from six European football leagues (including the Premier League and Spain's Primera Division) on a weekly basis. Like manager mode, it offers an incredible depth of statistics, players and geekery to immerse yourself in, only it's even more involving and up to the minute.

Above: Downloading the live league of your choice

How? Well the idea is to take whatever team you support - let's say it's Tottenham Hotspur - and to play with them through the season. At a very basic level, My Live Season will download all the real Premier League results up to the current week and enable you to play through comparing your in-game results against those of your team. It has a sexy graph and everything. Tidy.

Above:A sexy graph shows you how well yourank against your real club

But that's not nearly all. As you play through the fixtures the game is also updated with player form, injuries, disciplinary suspensions, and even team formations and starting line-ups and they change throughout the season. In the end, My Live Season becomes a hub of up-to-date football info rather than just another mode. It transforms FIFA 10 into a living, breathing, interactive version of the football league itself.

Above: TheMy Live Season 2.0 central hub

In the game you'll log in and be met with the latest results, scorers and stats (you can replay any of the week's fixtures them all as friendly matches separate from your chosen team's campaign). And in the real world suddenly every actual game has a knock-on effect for your FIFA season - you'll scream at the TV if any of your players picks up an injury, knowing they'll be unavailable for a few matches ("Not Lennon! Not when we're edging Villa for fourth!") and you'll keep an even keener eye on the January transfer window hoping for that centreback that could seal your European ambitions.

That's why My Live Season is different to any other experience offered by FIFA - it brings football to life like nothing else, both in-game and out.

There are two purchasing options for My Live Season on PS3 and Xbox 360:

On XBL: 400 points for each individual league or 800 points for all leagues.

ON PSN: £3.99 for each individual league or £7.99 for all leagues.

Jan 8, 2010

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