FIFA 09 Ultimate Team DLC - first look

FIFA 09 is a fantastic game, but you’ve probably won every cup there is to win and moved on to something else by now . Well, get ready to come crawling back, as EA is set to release downloadable content for the game in the form of virtual trading cards.

If you’re familiar with the trading card system from UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, you already have a good idea of what to expect from the Ultimate Team. You’re given enough player cards to start a team and then you earn credits by playing with the squad both online and offline. Credits (and even real money) can be used to purchase bronze, silver, or gold card packs. Bronze packs are the cheapest, but the chances of ending up with a great player are slim, whereas gold packs contain the best cards, but are relatively expensive.

There are a number of ways in which to use your new player cards. You can add new players to your roster, but you’ll want to keep in mind their preferred position and formation. It’s also best to group players of the same nationality together if you want to maximize your team’s chemistry. In addition to player cards, packs also include cards that improve player attributes and provide temporary boosts to a player or team. They may also unlock additional content, such as tattoos, stadiums, goal celebrations, contract extensions and more. If a card’s of no use to your squad, you can either place it in your collection book or you can trade it for another card or even sell it online for credits. Cards are bought and sold in auction format, and just like eBay, there’s a “buy it now” price for those who can’t wait for the auction to end.

If you’re on the fence with the Ultimate Team downloadable content, you can create a team and play five games at no cost. But once you start, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to turn back. Should you choose to purchase it, this update will set you back 800 Microsoft Points ($10) when it releases on March 19th, which seems to be quite reasonable given the amount of replay value provided.

Mar 13, 2009