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FF XIV: A Realm Reborn launches with story trailer

Like a dead bird or something given a Phoenix Down, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn opened the gates for its full release today. The rebooted MMORPG is live on PC and PS3 after its full overhaul from a previous poor reception.

You can see what awaits you in Eorzea, now that five years have passed since Bahamut's cleansing fires swept the land.

We're glad FFXIV's got a new story to sweep players and their "free companies" (guilds) into high dramatics from the get go, but we're already feeling overwhelmed by beautiful NPCs and masked baddies. Fortunately, you can always hop on your chocobo and explore the rebuilt world for a while if you get in over your head.

A Realm Reborn costs $30 on PC and $40 on PS3, and it comes with a complimentary month of game time. If you were foolhardy enough to buy the original game, you're already set to head back in.

Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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