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FaZe releases horror movie Crimson later this month

(Image credit: FaZe)

If conquering the world of esports wasn't big enough for them, FaZe has now apparently pivoted into movie production, and their first production is a horror movie starring FaZe Rug.

You can see the trailer for Crimson just below, FaZe's debut venture into feature films. The concept for Crimson is this: it stars FaZe Rug as himself, moving into a multi-million dollar home after his success as an influencer (as you do). What begins as another YouTube vlog highlighting his new house turns into a horror movie thanks to his neighbors.

This new movie starring FaZe Rug is directed by Gregory Plotkin, who actually has a fair new notches on his horror belt. Plotkin's worked as an editor on films like Happy Death Day, Get Out, and a number of the Paranormal Activity movies.

Rug has actually put out a small statement on Twitter shortly after the trailer for Crimson went live over the weekend. The statement pushes back against people calling the venture a "low budget movie" as Rug reminds everyone that "we all start somewhere."

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Crimson is actually a collaboration between FaZe and Invisible Narratives. The latter production company will distribute the movie on (opens in new tab) later this month on October 29, just before Halloween on October 31.

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Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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