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Father and son bond over elaborate Metroid cosplay creation

Not content with three-legged races, hockey games or tossin' the ole ball around, one U.S. father and son team is bonding over the construction of one of the world's most elaborate, kid-sized Metroid-themed cosplay costumes to date.

Entitled "Project: Varia," Joseph DeRose and his pops are currently one-quarter of their way into a massive DIY project that will see a fully-functional Metroid Prime-esque Varia suit built and operational by Halloween (minus the actual weaponry. Or so we hope).

Wondering how to create an arm cannon? Let Mr. DeRose show you the way...

Normally, this is where we'd crack wise about Joseph not having any particular party to go to withhis Varia suit, but Joseph seems like a pretty cool cat and this is one of the finest displays of fan dedication we've seen in a while. That said, Joseph is more than welcome to pop by anywhere we areon Halloweenfor a few non-alcoholic beverages.

Keep up with the DeRose's progress at theofficial Project: Varia site.

Oct 22, 2010

[Source: Joystiq]

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