Fast and Furious crossover memes are taking over the internet

Fast and Furious memes
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Marvel may have thought it had the biggest crossover of all time with Avengers: Endgame. The legion of Fast and Furious memes starring Vin Diesel has only one thing to say: hold my Corona.

Yes, 2021’s weirdest trend has seriously put the pedal to the metal in recent days. Tweets and Reddit posts showing Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto being Photoshopped into a whole host of iconic movie moments have flooded the internet – and lovingly poking fun at the series’ love of the f-word: family.

There’s plenty more gas in the tank, too. We’ve even scoured high and low to bring you the very best Fast and Furious memes starring our boy Dom heading to a galaxy far, far away, Middle-earth, and everything in-between to help save the day.

Loki may have stolen the Tesseract and slipped away into his own Disney Plus series, but that was only because he was fighting the Avengers. One Fast and Furious meme imagines the God of Mischief coming face to face with the God of Drifting. Blood is thicker than water and family is greater than Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, apparently.

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Family also protects the protagonists in scenes from Twilight and, brilliantly, even saving Mufasa in The Lion King.

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Vin Diesel even gets involved in two of superhero cinema’s biggest recent showdowns – with Hela in Thor: Ragnarok and the heavily memed ‘Martha’ moment in Batman v Superman.

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Two of Reddit’s biggest communities, r/PrequelMemes and LOTR Memes, are also going full speed ahead with its Dom-shaped posts.

One even goes as far as tying in another of 2021’s biggest breakout joke formats, that of Anakin and Padme’s confused conversation from Attack of the Clones, and adding in Dom. Because Dom makes everything better.

Lord of the Rings, meanwhile, has been imagined as a much shorter epic if the elder Toretto brother was involved. Eat your heart out, Tolkien.

Some are even getting meta and wondering where the Dom love has come from.

To them, we say – where have you been the last 20 years? We’re all part of the Fast Family now. You, me, Mufasa. Everyone.

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