Fast 10 director reveals the twisted Jason Momoa scene he didn’t expect to make the cut

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Fast 10 director Louis Leterrier has revealed the "polarizing" scene he expected to be a "DVD extra at best."

Some spoilers for Fast 10 follow – you have been warned. 

The Hollywood Reporter asked Leterrier about the scene that saw Jason Momoa’s Fast villain Dante polish the nails of two (dead) members from Cipher’s team. 

"It was never controversial, but it is a very polarizing scene," Leterrier said. "It was not scripted. We wanted more of Jason Momoa’s Dante, so we improvised a little bit more… So we shot that scene, but we thought it would be a DVD extra at best or in the director’s cut version later down the road. So we started testing the movie without it, and then we started testing the movie with that scene. And the audience went crazy for it. Some were angry and some loved it."

Ultimately, it was down to Universal Pictures chairwoman Donna Langley to give the thumbs up. "'I love it. I love the insanity of that scene," Leterrier recalls of the executive’s reaction. 

Our own chat with Leterrier yielded even more gems, including the bathtub-and-Google Maps-inspired final act, and talk of how that Fast 10 post-credits scene came together.

"Because I had no prep and literally arrived in London, they told me they lost the location in Montenegro. It was a very different location to what we eventually found. We sent scouts all over the world," Leterrier told GamesRadar+. 

"We found a freeway and then a quarry next to it, then a bridge. Because I could not stop the shoot and prep something else, I had to do it all on Google Maps at night after a long day of shooting and editing," the director explained. "Just going in and doing an overview, zooming in, going 3D view, then creating the action sequence [in the movie]. You know in Google Maps when you walk, the Street View? I did it like that, that little guy going there."

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