FarCry 2: Full of shit

Nov 12, 2007

Set in the African savannah, Far Cry 2 is full of interesting features - from the roaming wildlife to the astonishingly real spread of fire through the tinder-dry foliage. It's also, according to artistic director Alexandre Amancio, "filled with shit".

Ubisoft sent its artistic team to the actual, God's-own, real Africa so as to get a handle on how it felt to be in such an exotic locale, from the sounds and sights to, it seems, the smells.

"The first thing we noticed when we set foot in the African savannah," Amancio tells PC Zone in a huge Far Cry 2 feature this issue, "is that it's filled with shit. There's seriously all shapes and all sizes. We have to include it - it's just the first thing that you notice!".

Above: Far Cry 2's savannah setting. Muckier than an adolescent boy'ssecret magazinestash,apparently

You can read the full PC Zone feature, following the African exploits of the developers, in issue #188, on sale now. Though there's no revealing if, like in Crysis, we'll be able to pick up 'things' from the environment and lob them at people. Fingers crossed, though. We're sure copping a faceful of dried elephant dung would sting a little...