Far Cry 6 developers say they are putting a 'huge amount of effort' into previous generation versions

Far Cry 6
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Far Cry 6 will cater to players on both current and last-gen consoles, according to some of its developers.

During a Reddit AMA with fans, Far Cry 6 developers assured fans that they are working hard on the previous generation versions of the game in order to make the game run smoothly. While many are still trying to get their hands on new generation hardware, many titles are still opting to release on previous generation consoles. 

In the AMA, the Far Cry developers took an afternoon to answer questions from fans about the game. One fan asked about the previous generation versions, to which world director Benjamin Hall said "the team is putting a huge amount of effort into making sure Far Cry 6 runs smoothly on last gen consoles.”

With the unfortunate state of the last-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 - which caused the game to be removed from the PlayStation Store - still a painful memory for some it’s not too difficult to imagine a company like Ubisoft might be trying to avoid a similar wide-scale backlash. 

However, those who have been lucky enough to get their hands on the PS5 will get some benefits exclusive to their console. Elsewhere the AMA, game director Alexandre Letendre revealed that the team was making use of the PS5's DualSense controllers. When asked if the game would be using the Haptic Feedback to differentiate gun and vehicle feels, he said “hoooo Yes! I can’t tell more today, but PS5 Dual Sense owners will be happy!”

The DualSense's haptic feedback is a feature that is being used more and more by developers as they become more familiar with the adaptive triggers built into the controllers. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War used this to help give distinct feelings to certain weapons in the game. 

Here’s hoping that ample attention is given to all versions of the game, with some (understandable) compromises for previous-generation consoles offering a stable experience, while the new console versions are able to flex and make use of the extra power at their disposal. 

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