Far Cry 5 modder is here to remind you of Lost mania with this island map

Remember when ABC's Lost was the highlight of your TV week? When you could burn a good hour arguing about polar bears or Jacob theories? We can't bring those heady days back, but we can help you wallow in the memories by pointing you at this damn impressive recreation of the Lost island, constructed in Far Cry 5's Arcade map editor. 

Created by Un-Break-Able and spotted by Kotaku, the map ticks off all the important locations, including the beach camp, the hatch, the Hydra complex, the Lighthouse, and more. "Everything from as small as Sun's garden to all nine Dharma Initiative Stations are included," explains Un-Break-Able. "The map cannot unfortunately be made to scale but was made as large as possible."

He adds that it took him about a month to build, and he had to rewatch a lot of Lost to make sure his recreation was accurate when it came to area layouts and how they all connected. If you want to explore it for yourself, it's available on PS4 under the name "LOST TV Series" in Arcade mode.

Far Cry 5's Arcade mode is well worth checking out, even if you're done with the Seeds and their cultist shenanigans. It's packed full of developer- and fan-made creations, and is designed to be as accessible as possible, in case you fancy getting creative yourself. You can mess around with over 9,000 in-games objects, and Ubisoft has promised 1,500 more with post-launch updates. “We think the offering is pretty good,” game director Dan Hay told us. “It just allows us to kit the world and be able to make it so that everyone can make maps that look like they’re born of more than just Far Cry.” 

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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