Fantastic Four: Antithesis will transform Galactus

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Legendary artist Neal Adams joins writer Mark Waid as he returns to the Fantastic Four for Fantastic Four: Antithesis, a four-issue limited series that marks Adams's first work on the FF in his storied career.

"The first full-length Fantastic Four story ever illustrated by classic creator Neal Adams!" reads Marvel's description of Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1. "An unstoppable meteor of unknown origin has just erupted from hyperspace - and unless the Fantastic Four can find a way to stop it from hitting Manhattan, millions will die!"

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Announced last year, Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1 is finally scheduled for release on August 26 after delays in the comic book Direct Market due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic rescheduled the series from its planned debut earlier this year. To set the stage, Marvel Comics has released a video interview with Waid and Adams discussing the genesis of the idea and what readers can expect.

In the video, Adams explains that it was his idea to do a Fantastic Four story – but what he was really after was focusing on Galactus and Silver Surfer, who share a central role in Fantastic Four: Antithesis.

In fact, the title – Antithesis – refers to whatever or whoever is Galactus's opposite, who will be introduced in this series.  And what's more, Galactus will transform by the series' end – into someone fans already recognize, says Adams.

"Working with [Neal Adams] has been on my bucket list since I was kid," says Waid. "This was the perfect opportunity."

"There's lots of surprises," promises Adams. "We got to really jam a lot of stuff in there."

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