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It's Halloween underground in the latest Fallout Shelter update

If you haven't checked in on your Vault Shelter dwellers for a while, you might want to log in today for a spooooooky surprise. I don't mean the usual spooky surprise of dead surface explorers and roving radroaches - instead you'll be greeted by special Halloween decorations strewn around your vault, and you may even find some special costumes. Also radroaches.

Those lovable scamps in your Vault carved Jack-o'-lanterns (no need for a candle when it's going to catch on fire every 15 minutes anyway) and strung up paper skeletons while you were out. They even repainted the walls of the residential and dining areas Boo-Berry-eyelid Purple, which is particularly impressive considering their limited resources. May be easier to spot the Mysterious Stranger (opens in new tab) against that new background, too.

You can return the favor by dressing up your dwellers in new Halloween outfits; I found a Ghost Costume and a Skeleton Costume in a couple lunchboxes when I clocked back in as Vault Overseer. They're not just for looks: the ghost costume gives your Dweller +2 Endurance and +3 Agility, while the Skeleton costume gives them +2 Strength and +3 Luck. Though I'm not sure what makes skeletons particularly strong, aside from drinking lots of milk.

If that's not enough Fallout aesthetic for you, Bethesda also revealed that you can pre-order Fallout 4 (opens in new tab) on Steam to unlock Mr. Handy as an announcer for Dota 2. No word on whether he can still call you "Mr. Fuckface." (opens in new tab)

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