Fallout 76 helmet recalled because of mold can now be worn in Fallout 4

(Image credit: Herby247 - Nexus Mods)

The Fallout 76-inspired T-51b helmet is a collectible that went on sale at GameStop in June and was later recalled due to a potential mold hazard that could pose a health risk if worn. Now, a virtual version of that helmet can be worn in Fallout 4 thanks to a mod uploaded by Nexus Mods user Herby247, and rather aptly, it'll give you constant radiation poisoning if you wear it.

Modder Herby247 took the opportunity to parody the recalled collectible by modding the "Moldy T-51 Helmet" into Fallout 4. Herby makes special note of the polyester/cotton liner insert that supposedly can cause respiratory infection in users, and clarifies that wearing the power armor T-51b helmet in Fallout 4 will cause constant radiation damage.

A few words of note about this clever little mod. You'll need the Fallout 4: Nuka-World DLC pack to access the mod, and the modder says mods that change rules for naming power armor items might interfere with the "moldy" adjective showing up in the title. Herby also says the T-51 helmet mod hasn't been extensively tested and to "use at your own risk."

The physical T-51b helmet was recalled in September due to its mold-prone fabric insert which the US Consumer Product Safety Commission says poses a "a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold." About 20,000 units were affected and the CPSC says to return the item to GameStop for a full refund.

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