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Fallout 4: Where to find the crashed UFO and how to get the alien blaster pistol

Fallout 4 (opens in new tab) is hiding tons of secrets, but perhaps none so out of this world as a hapless extraterrestrial and his blaster pistol. Well, friend, I'm gonna tell you how to find them both and keep the latter for yourself. A note before we begin: Reddit users theorize (opens in new tab) this event may be tied to a character's level or Luck stat, so if you go to the designated locations but find nothing there, try again at level 20 or with higher Luck.

You may have heard NPCs talking about a strange object falling from the sky. That's our first stop, and it lies crashed among the hills just east of Oberland Station - a small encampment near the western edge of the map. If you haven't yet come across Oberland, it's south of Beantown Brewery and north of Vault 81.

As you search the area, you should see burning trees and a crater, in which lies the smoking wreckage of an alien spaceship. Look to the ground and you should see smears of green blood. Channel your inner Arnold Schwarzenegger and mutter to yourself, "If it bleeds, we can kill it." (This is a super important step, do not skip it.) Follow the trail down the slopes and you should come across a small cave.

Inside is the alien. His crash landing has left him in no position to win a fight against you, so do what RPG heroes do best and slaughter the creature so you can take his stuff. Congratulations, you've now got the alien blaster pistol! Be mindful of where you shoot it, because ammunition for it is rare, and I doubt you'll find many more unfortunate spacemen to steal from.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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