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Fallout 4 Survival mode arriving "next week"

The much awaited super hard survival mode for Fallout 4 should be with us very soon according to a tweet from Bethesda.

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We know from previous patches and updates that Fallout 4 stuff on Steam usually arrives on PS4 and Xbox One about a week later. So you'll likely be getting your ass post-apocalyptically handed to you around the end of March.

That's a time line supported by Pete Hines, the VP of Pr:

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Bethesda has previously said that this new mode is no cakewalk:

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While the studio's said little more than that, enterprising dataminers have dug through the game files to find out what Fallout 4's survival mode has to offer. It includes things like no manual saves without sleeping, no fast travel, ammo now having a weight, enemies not appearing on the compass, diseases and so on. Basically, forget missions and quests, just staying alive is going to be the only challenge now.

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